What is incontinence?

Any involuntary leakage of bladder and/or bowel

You are not alone if you are affected by a continence problem – almost 4 million Australians have incontinence.

Here are some important questions for you:

  • Are you concerned going out?
  • Do you feel like you have not completely empties your bladder or bowel?
  • Do you sometimes have leakage of urine?
  • Do you have problems with constipation or bowel leakage?
  • Do you strain to empty your bowels?
  • Do you wake up two or more times overnight needing to use the toilet?
  • Do you sometimes not make it to the toilet in time?
  • Do you always need to know where the nearest toilets are?
  • Do you use a product that sometimes leaks?
  • Do you have a catheter?

If your answer to any of these questions is YES, then you are advised to have a continence assessment or have your continence plan reviewed. For information on local continence clinics, ask our team or visit the Continence Foundation of Australia’s web page – www.continence.org.au